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The Book

What do Elvis Presley, Michael Jordan, Elizabeth Taylor, and Mick Jagger all have in common?

Each has visited the Queen City, and each is pictured in "Guess Who's Coming To Cincinnati," a remarkable compilation of never-before-published celebrity photographs by Cincinnati photographer, T. Alan Hartman.

From the book's first image - Eric Clapton disembarking his plane in the rain - to its last - the late Freddie Mercury departing Cincinnati for the final time - Hartman has assembled an impressive array of famous faces in familiar local settings.

Equally impressive is the span of time covered - from a 1964 photo of Hank Aaron at Crosley Field, to a 1998 shot of Magic Johnson at Montgomery Inn.

Guess Who's Coming To Cincinnati has something for people of all ages and interests:

  • musicians
  • athletes
  • film stars
  • politicians

...impromptu photos of celebrities going about their everyday lives; willing subjects mugging for the camera; brilliant performance shots.

The photographs, arranged thematically, depict celebrities arriving, riding around, out and about, at work, and departing.

Whether it's Bob Dylan walking down Sixth Street, Ronald Reagan giving the "thumbs up" at Fountain Square, or Jodie Foster making movies in Clifton...

...the one-of-a-kind photographs featured here make Guess Who's Coming To Cincinnati that rare find, the kind of book that you come back to again and again.

"He stood around longer than I would have!! This is a great book!!"  - Bill Tompkins/VH1

If you live in or near the Greater Cincinnati area, you can pick up a copy of Guess Who's Coming To Cincinnati at any of the following fine bookstores:
  • Barnes & Noble
  • B. Dalton
  • Books & Company
  • Blue Marble
  • The Bookshelf
  • Borders
  • Brentano's
  • Dicken's Book Shop
  • Joseph-Beth Booksellers
  • Little Professor (Forest Fair Location Only)
  • Mack Bookstore
  • Mt. Adams Bookstore
  • New World Bookshop
  • The Open Book
  • U.C. Bookstore
  • Waldenbooks

To the best of our knowledge, the above list of stores that carry "Guess Who's Coming To Cincinnati," is complete. In the event we inadvertently omitted the name of any store, please ahartman2@cinci.rr.com us and we will add your name to the list.

For those who do not live in or near the Cincinnati, Ohio, area, "Guess Who's Coming To Cincinnati" is available at the following online booksellers:

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