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T. Alan Hartman
with Jimi Hendrix, 1968
T. Alan Hartman began his long-time journey into the world of celebrity photography in 1960 - when as a 10 year old baseball fan, he discovered ways to meet his childhood heroes - major league baseball players who visited his hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio. Throughout the early-to-mid 1960s, he would regularly walk away with autographs from legends such as Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, and Roberto Clemente. Before long his collection included players from visiting NBA teams as well.

T. Alan Hartman
with Roberto Clemente, 1970
When the British Invasion occurred in the mid-1960s, the teen-aged Hartman took notice and fell in love with rock & roll music. By the time of the Psychedelic era of the late '60s, Hartman began to apply the methods he had learned while locating his sports heroes to locating and meeting his new heroes - visiting rock & roll stars. Shortly thereafter, Hartman added politicians and NFL teams to his growing collection of autographs.

T. Alan Hartman
with Muhammad Ali, 1979
Along the way, Hartman decided to bring his camera along on his autograph-seeking excursions. Gradually, Hartman became more interested in the photography end and was snapping photos of celebrities on a regular basis. He went full force into photography in 1978 when he upgraded his camera equipment to 35-millimeter. The last four decades have seen Hartman photograph many of the 20th Century's biggest names in the fields of music, sports, politics, and more, with an emphasis on rock n' roll stars.

T. Alan Hartman
with Bruce Springsteen, 1980.
Throughout the years, Hartman has combined live performance shots with his trademark candid photos. He describes his style of photography as trying to tell a story with each photo. His style consists of trying to combine the subject's image with other elements of interest, such as activity, objects, clothing, landmarks, and other people, which he believes makes for a more interesting and enjoyable image than a simple close-up.
In the fall of 1998, Hartman published his first book of celebrity photos, entitled, "Guess Who's Coming To Cincinnati," which is a fixture at local bookstores. The book is also available online. In addition to promoting and distributing his book, Hartman has seen a busy 1999. He has begun arranging photo exhibitions of his work, and recently started Famous Faces Photo Agency, through which he supplies copies of his photos to book and magazine publishers as well as film production companies. In addition, Hartman has established a web site through which he will offer signed and numbered limited edition photos.

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