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Limited Edition Photos

Here is an opportunity to obtain classic, candid and performance photos of your favorite stars. Limited Edition Original Photos, signed and numbered by renowned photographer T. Alan Hartman, are available.

Out of the thousands of photographs taken by T. Alan Hartman, the images being offered were carefully selected and represent the finest specimens of his work, including many rare and exclusive photos.

All photos ordered are custom printed works of art, made from the original negatives. Each photo measures 16x20. Matting is included, making the overall size 22x26.

Now is a great time to order. All editions are extremely small and you have an opportunity to obtain a very desirable low number copy of the edition. Prices are subject to change as availability of editions is reduced.

  • Cropping on some images may vary slightly from image shown.
  • Detailed descriptions will accompany each photo ordered.
  • Frames not included.
  • Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.
  • Some of the images seen here are included in the book, "Guess Who's Coming to Cincinnati."
  • Matting and shipping (U.S. residents) are included in price.
  • As time permits, photos of additional stars will be made available.

Please use our convenient printable order form
and send check or money order (U.S. funds) to:

T. Alan Hartman
P.O. Box 42193
Cincinnati, OH  45242

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